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Campaign For Real Ale



The CAMRA LocAle scheme was created in 2007 by CAMRA's Nottingham branch who wanted to support their remaining local brewers following the closure of Hardy & Hansons, and is a way of increasing the sale of local real ales in "local" pubs.

The term "local" is defined as up to 30 miles in the Sustainable Communities Act, with anything further not being considered "local", thereby giving rise to potential complaints to trading standards.

Along with other branch areas however, Heart of Warwickshire opted for a maximum of 25 miles as "local", ensuring that it "feels local" to the drinker. Real ales from regional and national brewers can also be considered alongside the smaller breweries and micros, providing they are brewed within this "local" area.


  • improved consumer choice due to more locally brewed beer
  • fewer "beer miles" necessarily travelled resulting in less pollution
  • an increase in local identity and pride
  • more tourist appeal with distinctive local beers
Additionally, support from the Heart of Warwickshire branch and CAMRA includes:
  • free LocAle listing in the Beer & Ragged Staff, our free newsletter distributed quarterly widely around and adjacent to our area
  • LocAle information added to each pub, where appropriate, on our Branch website
  • free publicity material to be displayed in the pub, including pump clip crowners, window stickers, posters and NEW for 2012 LocAle beer mats


Unfortunately there have to be some conditions to gain accreditation into the scheme. A pub needs to:

  • have at least one "local" real ale regularly on sale, i.e. less than 25 miles from the brewery (this can be different beers)
  • maintain the beer at a good standard
  • display the LocAle publicity material as appropriate

The list of Locale pubs in our area is under review.