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Breweries in the Heart of Warwickshire Branch Area

Andrew Reynolds' father used to farm Church Farm back in the 1970's and before moving to Budbrooke he had a farm near the 'Case is Altered' in the 1960's. The launch night of this breweries beers was at the brewery tap, the Boars Head in Hampton Lucy on Thursday 1st November.

  • Ren's Pride

Launched in January 2013 and closed in 2015.

    Started brewing in November 2011 on a 5.5 bbl plant at Underwood Wines in Warwick. The brewery is a joint venture between Underwood Wines, the Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel and the Case Is Altered. Head brewer is currently Mark Shepherd who used to brew at Weatheroak Hill brewery and now also at the Rock’n’Roll brewhouse.

    Currently one beer is brewed: Case Bitter 3.9% is a classic English bitter using only English ingredients and is only available at the owners’ outlets.

      A five-barrel plant set up in an old building originally used as a slaughterhouse and later as a carpenters & joiners workshop until its conversion as a brewery. The equipment is from the old Church End Brewery at Shustoke. No brewing took place until it was acquired by Steve Ridgway in early 2003. First brew on the plant took place in early July 2003, some test brews for Swillmore took place at the Rainbow Inn, Allsley.

      During April 2007 building work was in progress at the brewery to extend the upper floor. This is to provide more storage space for a future bottling operation.

      • Arkwright's Special Bitter
      • Black & Tan
      • Globe Bitter
      • Hog Mix
      • Hogrider
      • Saddleback
      • Swillmore
      • Dark Side
      • Fiesta
      • Red Head
      • Back Scratcher

      The Warwickshire Beer Company began brewing just before Christmas 1998. The original brewer, Phil Page, came from the Warwickshire Brewery of Kenilworth which closed earlier that year.

      The brewery is situated in the former bakery in the centre of Cubbington and has a capacity of six barrels. Much of the initial brewing kit wass second-hand; the hot liquor tanks came from a Scottish and Newcastle brewery, the fermenters old milk tanks from a dairy and the conditioning tanks came from a working mens club in the north of England.

      • Best Bitter
      • Darling Buds
      • Duck Soup
      • Falstaff
      • Golden Bear
      • Kingmaker
      • Lady Godiva
      • Shakespeare's County

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