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Harbury Beer Festival 2012

Times and Admission

  • Village Hall
    near Leamington Spa
    CV33 9JE
  • Friday 31st August 2012: 5:30pm - 11:30pm
  • Saturday 1st September 2012: 11:30am - 4:00pm, 6:00pm - 11:30pm
  • Entry Pack: £10 includes entrance fee, refundable festival glass and beer tokens. Extra tokens for card carrying CAMRA members in lieu of the entrance fee.
  • Refundable souvenir festival glass: £2
  • Hot and cold food and soft drinks available at all sessions.

Saturday Entertainment

Hereburgh Morris at lunchtime and music by local duo "Time after Time" in the evening.


The Harbury Beer Festival is organised and staffed by volunteers. Please contact us if you would like to help us with this popular event.

Theme - Ale at Sea

The theme for 2012 was Ale at Sea in reference to the centenary of Titanic's doomed maiden voyage. Most beers had nautical names and we tried to represent all the different styles of beer. As usual there were a selection of beers from our local brewers, along with fine ciders and perries.

Festival Programme

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The nearest train station is Leamington Spa, served by London Midland trains from Birmingham Snow Hill, Chiltern Railways trains running between London Marylebone and Birmingham and Arriva Cross Country trains on the route between Birmingham and Reading.

Harbury Beer Festival 2012 "Ale at Sea" Beer List

Brewery Beer Style ABV Tasting Notes
Adnams Ghost Ship Best Bitter 4.5 Adnams Ghost Ship has good bitterness with a attractive lemon and lime aromas. Brewed with some Pale Ale malt, Crystal Malt, Munich and some Wheat Malt giving the beer a malty backbone. Columbus, Chinook and Citra hops add great lime flavours.
Arran Clyde Puffer Stout 4.9 A stout with a deep black colour. Sweet and mellow with a low hop taste.
Arundal Trident Best Bitter 5 An amber-coloured strong beer with a citrus, fruity aroma. The taste is clean and refreshing with a hoppy, fruity flavour and a pleasant dry bitter finish.
Atomic Nautilus Mild
Mildly hopped deep ruby mild using roasted barley and chocolate malt to give a distinctive nutty character. (Warwickshire)
Bank Top Port o' Call Special Bitter 5 Dark brown beer with a malty, fruity aroma. Malt, roast and dark fruits in the bbittersweet taste and finish
Black Dog Schooner Best Bitter 4.2 Golden Ale. A medium-coloured ale with an initial sweet flavour. It has a hoppy, bitter finish. Brewed by Hambleton Ales
Bowman South Sea Spice Ginger 3.9 A dark amber beer brewed with fresh root ginger to give it a gentle ginger flavour and a refreshing ginger aroma.
Cairngorm Trade Winds Speciality 4.3 Light golden in colour, with high proportion of wheat giving the beer a clean fresh taste. The mash blends together with the Perle hops and elderflower providing a bouquet of fruit and citrus flavours.
Church End Fallen Angel Strong Bitter 5 A sharp, full-flavoured, pale bitter. American hops give it that lemony edge (WMCBOB) (Warwickshire)
Coastal Golden Hinde Bitter 4.3 A sweetish golden beer with refreshing citrus hop finish. Brewers Gold hops give the aroma
Coastal Handliner Bitter 4 Mid brown coloured hoppy and fruity apple flavour with a little bitterness and dryness in a crisp finish
Conwy Shipwreak IPA 5 An IPA brewed stronger for a fuller flavour and triple hopped with goldings to give the beer an authentic citrus hoppy flavour.
Dorset Harbour Master Bitter 3.6 Full bodied, slightly nutty with blackcurrant background.
Dorset Yachtsman Best Bitter 4.7 A medium-tasting ale; smooth with suggestions of honey.
Exeter Ferryman Best Bitter 4.2 A copper coloured Premium ale. Beautifully well balanced flavour enhanced with generous handfuls of English Goldings hops.
Fullers Seafarers Ale Bitter 3.6 A delicious, thirst quenching ale. The secret of the hugely satisfying, refreshing taste of this light, amber beer is in the blend of finest quality English malt, Admiral hops and the unique Gales yeast
Great Western Maiden Voyage Bitter 4 A traditional English bitter, amber in colour, offering an initial smoothness followed by a dry aftertaste and a fruity aroma.
Green Jack Baltic Trader Stout 10.5 The Green Jacks Baltic Trader is an Extra Strong Export Stout. Smooth, rich and fruity with roasted coffee & vanilla flavours. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to! Baltic Trader celebrates the North Sea sailing ships that traded between East Coast ports like Lowestoft, the Low Countries and Scandinavia
Green Jack Trawlerboys Best Bitter Best Bitter 4.6 Full-bodied and a copper-coloured premium bitter brewed with English whole cone hops,rich and malty with fruity hop flavours.
Griffin Bad Anchor Strong Bitter
Full bodied sweet dark bitter with a very strong kick (Warwickshire)
Hadrian Border Flotsam Bitter 4 Bronze coloured, with a citrus bitterness and distinct floral notes.
Hadrian Border Jetsam Best Bitter 4.5 A well hopped, light coloured bitter with a fruity and refreshing aftertaste.
Hammerpot Bottle Wreck Porter Porter 4.7 A well hopped, light coloured bitter with a fruity and refreshing aftertaste.
Highland Orkney Blast Strong Ale 6 A stunning stronger ale in the true British fashion, with balanced flavours from maris otter malt and English hops added early and late in the copper. One to take great care with as it is so drinkable.
Highland Scapa Special Pale Ale 4.2 A satisfying world class pale ale, made with maris otter pale ale malt & a blend of four hops from America, Germany, New Zealand & Slovakia. Each one selected for their spiciness and aroma and all giving that certain something to back up the wholesome maltiness provided by the maris otter
Hobsons Old Henry Strong Bitter 5.2 Very drinkable, authentic strong ale. Complex malty flavours give a richness which is balanced by the clean, hoppy finish (WMCBOB)
Holden's Special Strong Bitter 5.1 An amber premium beer with robust malty overtones and a bitter sweet full bodied taste (WMCBOB)
Jarrow Rivet Catcher Bitter 4 CAMRA Great British Beer Festival Silver & Bronze Winner and Champion North East Beer of the Year. A symbolic tradesman from Tyneside's glorious shipyard history. A light, smooth, satisfying gold bitter. Subtle fruity hops give the taste profile on tongue and nose.
Kinver Brewery Half Centurion Strong Bitter 5 Pale premium bitter with strong citrus flavours (WMCBOB)
Liverpool Organic Shipwreck IPA IPA 6.5 A true India pale ale with intense citrus flavours. Grapefruit, aniseed and peach notes feature in the hoppy bite that builds to tropical fruit and a piney bitterness in the finish.
Merry Miner Queen's Road Bitter Bitter 4.1 A pale golden in colour bitter, citrus on the nose with a slight hoppy character. This is named after the road in which the Titanic was built in the Belfast docks. (Warwickshire).
Milestone Black Pearl Stout 4.3 Authentic Irish stout with notes of burnt toast and coffee.
Newby Wyke White Squalll Strong Bitter 4.8 Five time Gold medal winning ale, pale and blonde in colour with a full hoppy taste and wonderful fruity finish
Newby Wyke Banquo Bitter 3.8 Blonde session beer full of hops with gooseberry and passion fruit aroma
North Cotswold Oyster Stout Stout 5 A dark and smooth stout brewed with English hops, with the addition of Whitstable oysters resulting in a smooth tasting beer. (Warwickshire)
Northumberland Jolly Roger Bitter 4 Orange amber with slight head. Vague maltiness with cold tea note overlaid. Wheetabix and oat.
Nottingham Dreadnought Bitter 4.5 Rich ruby coloured premium bitter with a well rounded fullness of malt and deep strength of hop bitterness.
Old Pie Factory Pale Bitter 4 A pale ale that is light and refreshing (Warwickshire)
Outstanding SOS Best Bitter 4.5 Light brown ale strictly for those that like bitter beer, dry and intensely bitter with an incredible blast of late hop dominance
Patriot Nelson Bitter 4 An amber beer, being full bodied with a well-rounded bitterness with subtle fruity undertones (Warwickshire)
Purity Mad Goose Best Bitter 4.2 Brewed with Maris Otter Malt, Caragold and Wheat Malt with Hallertau bittering hops and Cascade and Willamette aroma hops.Light copper in colour with a great zesty hop character with citrus overtone (Warwickshire)
Rebellion Mutiny Best Bitter 4.5 A reddish, full bodied premium ale, with a rich malty flavour & a lasting, hoppy & bittersweet finish.
Rebellion Smuggler Bitter 4.1 An amber coloured best bitter, offering an initial smoothness followed by a dry aftertaste along with a fruity hop aroma.
Salopian Golden Thread Strong Bitter 5 A triple-hopping of English First Gold gives citrusy flavours and vinous aromas, while the malt grist gives body and sweetness to balance the assertive bitterness (WMCBOB)
Skinner's Figgys Best Bitter 4.5 Expertly balanced blend of malt & hops, premium strength, full flavoured with a smooth finish - Named after the infamous Lands End wrecker Madgy Figgy.
Skinner's Keel Over Best Bitter 4.2 A classic Cornish bitter, mid-strength, amber in colour, well balanced with a smooth finish
Slaughterhouse Starboared Port-er Porter
Ruby black robust Porter. Bitter, hoppy and dark malt character with hints of liquorice and roast barley. (Warwickshire)
Sperrin Brewery Band of Brothers Best Bitter 4.2 A light hoppy golden bitter. Guest ale at the Strangers Bar in the House of Commons. (Warwickshire)
Titanic Captain Smith's Strong Bitter 5.2 A red/Brown, full bodied beer hoppy and bitter with a sweetness and roast malt flavour and a good strong finish.. . . . Named after one of the most famous of sea captains of all time - Captain Edward Smith, who was born in Stoke on Trent
Titanic Mild Mild 3.5 A mild of classic style full of roast malt and balanced by delicate hops. True to type it has a rounded sweetness and a smooth dry finish.
Titanic Pier 54 Speciality 5.4 American craft ale. This beer reflects the very best of US craft brewing, red in colour and with an inviting malty foretaste, the American hops come crashing through to wow those who love hops. Malty foretaste with stong hop finish.
Tryst Carronande IPA 4.2 Packed full of citrus flavours from the distinctive Washington state hops used, combined with pale malt and Carron valley water to create a real thirst- quenching treat
Tunnel Trade Winds Best Bitter 4.6 A heavenly aromatic, copper coloured beer. It has an aroma rich in cascade hops spilling over into clean crisp hints of citrus. Quickly followed by a rush of fruity malts that are pursued by an exquisitly dry finish, full of scented hops (Warwickshire)
Tunnel Up the Kriek Speciality 4.7 A kriek style cherry IPA
Warwickshire Starboard List Best Bitter
Reddish in colour. (Warwickshire)
Weatheroak Cabin Boy Mild
3.4 A mid brown beer with a malty aroma and fruity sweetness in the finish. (Warwickshire)
Wood Farm 1823 Mild Mild 3.5
A full bodied dark mild with hints of caramel finishing with a smooth malty palate (Warwickshire)
Woodforde's Nelson’s Revenge Special Bitter 5.5 Rich and floral aromas,sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of ‘citrus’ hops embody this mouth-watering premium beer
Woodforde's Wherry Bitter 3.8 Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy ‘grapefruit’ bitter finish characterises this champion bitter.
Wye Valley Butty Bach Strong Bitter 4.5 A burnished-gold premium ale, malty, fruity, rich and sweet(WMCBOB)
Yeovil POSH IPA IPA 5.4 A genuine gourmet India Pale Ale of uncompromising quality. Pale with body and mouth feel it’s strength is balanced by a truly fruity late-hopped finish

Cider & Perry

Maker Name ABV Description
Gwatkin Cider, Abbey Dore, Herefordshire Foxwhelp Cider 7.5 Dry – A single varietal cider. Is a crisp dry cider, full of body and flavour.
Yarlington Mill 7.5 Medium – A rich red medium cider with a spirit aroma and taste, that resonates with the tastebuds to surprise and delight.
Kingston Black 7.5 Dry – The most famous apple in the cider making world, dating back centuries.
Farmhouse Perry 7.5 Medium - Made from a blend of old fashioned varieties of pears, harvested from the few remaining pear orchards of rural Herefordshire.
Windmill Vineyard, Hellidon, Northants Millers Fancy 8 Dry – A dry cider with lasting aftertaste, made with a mix of cider and crab apples.
Perry 6 A medium dry and a medium sweet.
Pippin Cyzer 8 medium – A mix of cider apple varieties fermented with honey.
Amber Nectar 10 A blend of apple varieties blended with whiskey.
Tricky Cider, Taunton, Somerset. Dry Cider 6
Medium Cider 6
Rous Cider, Rous Lench, Worcs More info to follow
Tardebigge, Tutnall, Worcs More info to follow

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