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Harbury Beer Festival 2016

Times and Admission

  • Village Hall
    near Leamington Spa
    CV33 9JE
  • Friday 2nd September 2016: 5.30pm - 11.30pm
  • Saturday 3rd September 2016: 11.30am - 4.00pm and 6.00pm - 11.30pm

Saturday Entertainment

As ever the Harbury Morris danced on Saturday lunchtime. In the evening, Strumtroopers were the first festival band to exploit the new Village Hall permanent stage.


Harbury Beer Festival is on Facebook:


The Harbury Beer Festival was organised and staffed by volunteers.

Theme - Celebrating our 25th

We were back for our 25th Festival!

The 25th Harbury Beer festival provided the opportunity to look on in Rapture as Mary Jane appeared on a High Wire or ended up Dazed and Confused following a sample of Pendle Witches Brew which left her astride a Silver Stallion which bolted after it saw a Silver Adder but perhaps all that sounds too much like you had to pay a Silver Dollar to watch it on the Silver Screen.

Yes, that was another beery fantasy based on a selection of the ales featured in 2016.

We revisited past beers of the festival and fastest sellers mixed with silver beers marking the anniversary and introduced some new breweries and beers from Warwickshire that had not been seen at Harbury before. Some old favourites such as Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild; Elland 1872 Porter and Enville Ale were be back for your repeat enjoyment.

Harbury Beer Festival 2017 Beer List

Brewery Beer Style ABV Tasting Notes Area
Anarchy Sublime Chaos Stout 7.0 A dark, voluptuous breakfast stout infused with Ethiopian Guji natural coffee beans from Stafford based coffee roaster Hasbean. Velvety and vicious, it is balanced delicately with New Zealand hops North East
Atomic Atomic Bomb Strong Ale 5.2 A big rich fruity taste hits the right spot. Powerful with a full aromatic nose and a well hopped increasingly bitter finish Warwickshire
Atomic Grapefruit Beer Speciality 3.9 Previous festival special recreated. This beer is made with fresh grapefruits and will be cloudy Warwickshire
Beerd (Bath ales) Silver Tip Pale Ale 4.7 A pale ale with a fruity aroma, hints of white wine and a fresh quick bitter finish. Made with New Zealand hops South West
Burton Bridge Festival Ale Fruit 5.5 A strong bitter, slightly darker than Bridge Bitter, with a fruity barley wine flavour and a bitter after palate. West Midlands
Burton Bridge Bridge Bitter Best Bitter 4.2 A traditional amber bitter with a distinctive dry hop aroma and a fruity background. West Midlands
Church End Hop Gun Pale Ale 4.1 Green Bullet hops make this a very distinctive, bitter pale ale. Yellow in colour, with clean bitter hop flavours Warwickshire
Church End Cutting Ale Best Bitter 4.8 Pale hoppy bitter with Centenial hops from the States. Lots of citrus flavour and aroma. Brewed originally for Harbury Beer Festival in the late 90’s Warwickshire
Church End Bats in the Belfry Wheat Beer 5.6 A soft, full flavoured wheat beer made with real grapefruit. Warwickshire
Church End Karl's Berg Lager 3.6 A re-creation and improved version of a previous festival special. As you might guess this is a real lager! Warwickshire
Church End Rest in Clove-r Speciality 7.0 A rich, strong, full flavoured ale with an additional kick of this distinctive spice. Warwickshire
Church Farm Black IPA Black IPA 6.5 Brewed with caramel malts from Gernmanym the beer has hints of vanilla and caramel followed by a citrus finish from the hops Warwickshire
Clouded Minds Hazel Nutter Brown Ale 5.0 A deep red American Brown Ale with a nutty malt aroma with a taste of chocolate and nut Warwickshire
Clouded Minds Luppol Golden Ale 4.2 A hoppy straw coloured beer with a dry taste of tropical friuts and spice Warwickshire
Cotleigh Cotleigh 25 Bitter 4.0 An explosion of flavours originating from American Cascade hops gives this brilliant pale golden beer a fresh aroma and fruit filled finish. Originally brewed to celebrate the brewery's 25th Anniversary in June 2004. South West
Dancing Duck Abduction IPA 5.5 A myriad of tropical fruit flavours in harmonious balance with an enjoyable level of hoppy bitterness, a good malt character and a very clean finish. This a dangerously drinkable 5.5% IPA! West Midlands
Elland 1872 Porter Porter 6.5 Rich, complex and dark porter from an original 1872 recipe, with an old port nose, and coffee and bitter chocolate flavours on the palate. The ideal beer for chilly Autumn evenings and winter nights. Champion Beer of Great Britain 2013. Yorkshire
Enville Enville Ale Best Bitter 4.5 A traditional pale yellow fruity beer with an initial sweetness progressing to a complex dry hoppy taste. West Midlands
Exmoor Silver Stallion Best Bitter 4.3 Exmoor’s 25th anniversary in 2005 was celebrated in style with this chestnut-coloured bitter. A complex mix of four hops - Goldings, Bramling Cross, Northdown and WGV - plus a pinch of chocolate malt joining pale malt in the mash, produced a robustly flavoured beer with a fresh and fruity nose (hints of blackcurrant), plus biscuity maltiness in the background. In the mouth it’s full-bodied and malty at the starting post with a hint of blackcurrant, while citrus and spice overtones join in the race; the initial grainy malty finish is followed by a growing and lingering bitterness. South West
Goachers Silver Star Ale Pale Ale 4.2 Goacher's palest ale! First produced in 2008 to celebrate their 25th anniversary, this summer ale is hopped with choice Kent Fuggles. South East
Hambleton Village Brewer White Boar Bitter Bitter 3.8 Light, hoppy session bitter with a fruity after taste Yorkshire
Highland (Swannay) Orkney Blast Strong Ale 6.0 A very refreshing, easy drinking Orkney light ale. Hopped with American, Polish and New Zealand hops early and late in the copper. Scotland
Ilkley Mary Jane Golden Ale 3.5 Made with high quantities of Amarillo hops this pale crisp beer has refreshing citrus aromas, perfect for a summer evening. According to the song Mary Jane was courted on Ilkley Moor bah Tat! Yorkshire
Ilkley Summer Pale Ale 4.0 A dark golden-coloured light refreshing summer beer with orange citrus, mango and vanilla flavours leading to a dry finish. A Totally Tropical Tipple ! Yorkshire
Lock 34 English Pale Ale (PIN) Pale Ale 4.5 A light and refreshing blonde ale with British malted barley and American hops. Warwickshire
Magic Rock High Wire Pale Ale 5.5 A tribute to America West Coast pale ale beers unapologetically hop forward in character. Mango, Lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours harmonise against a smoothly composed malt base, which develops into a crisply bitter finish North East
Magic Rock Rapture (Red Hop Ale) Best Bitter 4.6 A hoppy red beer with 5 types of malt and 6 types of hops make for a truly elating experience. Uplifting aromas of grapefruit and pine, combine with pithy orange and tropically citrus flavours which are balanced against a deeply rich and malty body. A satisfyingly dry and crisp finish offers your taste buds redemption North East
Mauldons Silver Adder Golden Ale 4.2 Originally brewed to celebrate Mauldons 25 years of brewing. Silver Adder is a light coloured bitter with a fine hop and malt combination giving a refreshing crisp finish. East of England
Moorhouse's Pendle Witches Brew Best Bitter 5.1 A full malty flavoured beer with a strong fruity hop aftertaste. North West
Mordue Workie Ticket Best Bitter 4.5 A tasty, complex beer with malt and hops throughout and a long, satisfying, bitter finish. North East
Mordue Radgie Gagdgie Best Bitter 4.8 A strong, easy-drinking, Northern ale with balanced hops, fruit and malt and a long, lingering finish. North East
Newby Wyke Banquo Golden Ale 3.8 Blonde session beer full of hops with gooseberry and passion fruit aroma East Midlands
Ossett Silver King Best Bitter 4.3 A lager style beer with a crisp, dry flavour and citrus fruity aroma is ideal for drinking anytime, but is particularly well suited to the spring and summer months. Yorkshire
Prospect Silver Tally Golden Ale 3.7 A clean, pale golden beer with citrus aromas and full hop flavour, and a dry bitter finish. A silver tally was used by a miner in exchange for a lamp prior to going down into a coal pit. As such, it was used as an early form of a mine management system. North West
RCH Chocolate Slug Porter 4.5 A variation on a traditional black porter. Full bodied with flavours of coffee and, of course, chocolate. South West
Rudgate Ruby Mild Mild 4.4 A nutty, rich ruby ale, stronger than the average mild. CAMRA Champion Beer of Great Britain in 2009. Yorkshire
Salamander Silverback Pale Ale 4.0 Pale and dry with a clean citrus hop taste Yorkshire & Humber
Salamander Silver Screen Pale Ale 3.8 Cirus flavour with a dry, clean hoppy finish Yorkshire & Humber
Salopian Oracle Golden Ale 4.0 A crisp, sparklingly sunflower gold ale with a striking hop profile. Dry and refreshing with a long citrus aromatic finish. West Midlands
Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild Mild 6.0 This strong, absolutely black ale has a good balance of fruit and malt on the palate leading to a pleasant, lingering finish. West Midlands
Slaughterhouse Third Degree (HIPA) Warwickshire
Sperrin Ansley Mild Mild 3.5 An old traditional recipe that develops a smooth, dark and very moreish finish! Warwickshire
Stonehenge Danish Dynamite IPA 5.0 Light golden, dry and strong ale. Slightly fruity with a well-balanced hop flavour and bitterness.
Stratford Lewis's pale Pale Ale 4.0 It is heavily hopped at the end of the boil process which allows the brew to lock in all of the essential oils to create a powerful flavour and aroma. Full bodied with strong floral flavours Warwickshire
Stratford Immortal Best Bitter 5.0 A deep amber beer, fresh with subtle hints of grapefruit and tropical fruits Warwickshire
Triple FFF Dazed & Confused Pale Ale 4.6 Brewed with pale and lager malts to create a light straw coloured beer. Highly refreshing with a suggestion of Elderflower, and moderate bitterness. South East
Twisted Barrel 25 Minute IPA IPA 6.8 An intensely hoppy IPA, hopped continuously for the last 25 minutes of the boil with a blend of British, American and Kiwi hops. Waves of tropical fruit, berry and citrus flavour, with a wonderful dank aroma thanks to a generous dry hop of Simcoe, Azacca and Summit hops. West Midlands
Tynebank Silver Dollar American Pale 4.9 Brewed using US alpha hops with a decent I.B.U. of 45 for its strength of 4.9% ABV it has the characteristics of the style with a strong grapefruit and citrus aroma leading to a clean slightly dry bitterness that lasts! Not as in ya face as your typical brash American but certainly no shrinking violet either. North East
Urban Huntsman Silver Convention (Special) Pale Ale 5.5 A strong pale ale produced especially for our anniversary containing three hops - Galena, Sterling and Sylva to really bring out the aroma. Warwickshire
Urban Huntsman Islander Pale Ale 4.0 Ultra pale and dry, slight biscuit malt tones provide the canvas and huge quantities of super New World Hops give a juicy citrus forward body, which is equally impressive on the nose. Warwickshire
Weatheroak What Golden Ale 4.4 Weatheroak’s Harbury Anniversary Tipple is a golden coloured, easy drinking, traditional British ale brewed especially for this year. Warwickshire
West Berkshire Maggs Magnificent Mild Mild 3.8 A traditional dark mild, not too sweet and very popular. South East
XT 25 (Special) Golden Ale 4.2 A wonderful bend of four hops and fruit to add a little sweetness. A great beer for a summer’s day. Brewed especially for our 25th anniversary. South East
Yorkshire Heart Silverheart IPA IPA 4.0 The rich malts and wheat that are blended with gorgeous aromatic hops all go in to brewing this IPA – a superb drink. Yorkshire

Cider & Perry

Maker Cider Type ABV Tasting Notes
Wilkins Farmhouse Cider Dry 6.0 Dry, Slightly cloudy, zesty traditionally produced cider
West Croft Farm Janet's Jungle Juice Medium Dry 6.0 Full bodied tastey medium dry cider. In 2015 won CAMRA cider of the year gold award for 3rd time since 1997. “We use traditional English cider apples from our own orchards and those brought in from local farms. The apples are pressed and the juice blended, which is then fermented in oak casks. These methods are the same as used by cider makers over many centuries.
Millwhites Rum Cask cider Medium 6.0 Premium cider made from west country cider apples and aged in barrels from the Jamacia rum company. This cider was champion cider in east anglia in 2009.
Millwhites Hadgelayer Cider Medium 4.8 My father tells a story of a hedgelayer who would take 24 pints of cider in a stone far to work daily, just for refreshment, all before going to the pub in the evening! This medium cider , light and refreshing, pays homage to that legendary gentleman
Millwhites Angry Goose Perry Medium Sweet 5.0 Here at MillWhites we are realy excited to announce that having harvested some Perry Pears for the first time we will be launching a MillWhites perry in the spring of 2016. A clear golden colour, rich toffee apple smell and oh so easy drinking. A good job it comes in at 5%.
Crossmans Prime Somerset Cider Medium 6.0 Easy drinking traditionally produced cider. Ben Crossman is fourth generation of Crossmans to make cider at their own orchards.
Rich's Farmhouse cider Medium 6.0 Easy drinking “Session” cider.
Nempnets Piglets choice Medium Sweet 6.5 Medium sweet perry. Dull straw yellow, slightly cloudy, delicate pear aroma. Traditionally produced blended perry with all local pears sourced within 5 miles of the farm. 108 year old orchard planted with many rare varieties including “Helen Green” and “Claret”. Won several awards at CAMRA festivals including Oxford and Stockport in 2015.
Church Farm Clint, the cider with no name Medium Dry 6.0 First production of this "Not too dry" cider. Lingering apple aftertaste. As local as you can get
Windmill Hill Amber Nectar Medium Dry 8.5 Medium dry blend from four apple varieties and laced with whisky
Windmill Hill Merry Medium 6.5 A blend of perry pears and mulberries
Windmill Hill Millers Fancy Dry 6.5 A dry cider with lasting aftertaste, made with a mix of cider and crab apples.
Windmill Hill Perry Medium 6.0 Made from locally grown Perry pears
Windmill Hill Pyder Medium 6.0 blend of Cider apples and Perry pears

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