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Saturday 22nd October 2016
Branch Day Trip to Dudley Winter Ales Fayre 2016

Join us for a day trip to the Black Country where we start with a few hours at the Dudley beer festival before moving on to a nearby pub for a traditional lunch at about 3pm. We then set off for home but stop off at 3 or 4 pubs on the way - this is the highlight of the trip for some. It's usually 9pm when we arrive back in Warwick and drop people off as conveniently as possible. 

We hire a minibus and pickup from Southam, Leamington and Warwick area (depending on where you live) hoping to arrive at Dudley Town Hall for opening time at 12 noon. The cost for the minibus will be about £25 per person depending on how full we get it. The festival itself has an entry package of £15 which includes £3.50 entrance, £2 refundable glass hire and beer tokens to the value of £9.50.

Register your interest by emailing or via our Facebook event