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If you have any real ale related news for the Heart Of Warwickshire area, please contact us!

April 2016

The Heart of Warwickshire Pub of the Year 2016 is the Wild Boar, Warwick. Runners up are the Old Post Office and the Cape of Good Hope. Well done to them all.

February 2016

Deadline extended to Friday 26th Feb. 2016. Thank you for those of you who have already voted.

Each year, every branch of CAMRA selects a pub in their area as the Branch Pub of the Year. This is the start of a process that leads up to the CAMRA National Pub of the Year (POTY). To reach this accolade, a pub must win the County (in our case Warwickshire) POTY, the regional POTY (West Midlands) and finally the overall POTY.

We need your vote!

Please return your vote along with you name and CAMRA membership number to by 26th February 2016.

We have drawn up a short list of pubs that you may vote for:

  • Wild Boar, Warwick
  • Cape of Good Hope, Warwick
  • Green Man, Long Itchington
  • Case is Altered, Five Ways
  • Old Post Office, Warwick
  • Punch Bowl, Warwick

You may vote for as many of the pubs on the shortlist as you wish. A voting form can be found here.

There are six categories to vote for each pub, ten points for each category multiplied by a weighting factor.

  • Quality of Beer/Cider/Perry
  • Style, Décor, Furnishing & Cleanliness
  • Service, Welcome & Offering
  • Community Focus & Atmosphere
  • Alignment with CAMRA Principles
  • Overall Impression

Quality of Beer/Cider/Perry has a weighting factor of two whilst all other categories have a weighting factor of one. Max points 70.

Here is a guidance for the six categories:

Is the beer, cider and/or perry sold of good/excellent quality?


The pub should provide a comfortable, pleasant and safe environment throughout, with a friendly atmosphere. The pub and glasses should be clean. Toilets should be hygienic and clean with hot water, suitable hand drying facilities etc. Is the décor and furnishing appropriate to the style of pub? Does it suit what it is setting out to be and is the décor in good order.


Service should be welcoming, friendly, polite and also prompt whenever possible. If the pub is busy, a friendly acknowledgement of your presence is desirable. You should be treated like a valued customer and made to feel at ease. Staff should be knowledgeable about and enthusiastically promote real ales (and cider and perry if applicable – available?). Staff should know how to pick up and hold a customer’s glass. Do you feel welcome to have a drink without having a meal? Where possible products from local producers should be included. Within its limitations, does the pub offer other products/services which may enhance a visit to the pub, good quality soft drinks, food, wifi etc.? Taking into account the of the style of pub and its location did you feel that you received reasonable value for money. (CAMRA discounts should not influence this) 


Where appropriate, does the pub have a community focus, eg. supporting local groups, sports teams, etc? Look out for notice boards, listings of local events, sports teams linked with the pub. Does the pub have information on the local area which may be of use to locals and visitors to the area? The pub must be inclusive and feel welcoming to all age groups and sectors of the community. Considering the time and day of the week is the pub busy enough to create a good atmosphere.


Prices and opening hours should be clearly displayed. You should get a full measure or a top up without asking. Does the pub use oversized glasses? Is real ale (cider and perry where applicable) promoted in a positive way? Does the pub try to stimulate interest in the sorts of issues we’re concerned about? Beer, cider or perry should not be sold using misleading dispense methods. It should be clear who has brewed “house branded” beers. There should not be any inappropriate noisy electronic amusement machines. Beers should not be served through tight sparklers unless brewed to be dispensed in that way. Where possible there should be a range of beer styles and strengths. Where applicable, the range of ciders and perries should be taken into consideration. It should be noted that it is better for a pub to sell a small range to maintain quality if that is what suits their trade.


This category covers the undefined elements that are not considered elsewhere. Did you enjoy your visit to the pub? Did you spend more time than you had anticipated at the pub or wish you had been able to stay longer and would look forward to a return visit?

August 2015

Last year CAMRA member Allan Jennings (along with Martin Ellis and Tom Lewin) published a comprehensive history of the pubs of Leamington Spa. This September, he is following this book up with the publication of People & Pubs of Royal Leamington Spa (Books 1 & 2).

The books are being launched at the Plough & Harrow on 4th September from 4pm to 6pm and at the Leamington History Fayre , Leamington Parish Church on Saturday 5th Sept. 10am to 4pm. Price at the launch will be £10 for both books on presentation of a voucher.

To claim a voucher, please email with a subject of Voucher or print this image

The inaugural Leamington Beer and Music Festival ( is taking place at the The Band Factory, Unit 13, Althorpe Street, Leamington Spa CV31 2AU on 11th-13th September 20015.

Heart of Warwickshire CAMRA are supporting this festival which needs your help as volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer please go to the Join the Team page of the festival website ( Please note that this includes a question 'Are you part of any user groups from the Band Factory' - please select CAMRA Heart of Warwickshire in this box. We look forward to hearing from you.