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August 2015
The CAMRA Conference in Nottingham this year passed a motion to look into the practice that some pubs operate in charging consumers more for the half price of a drink when purchasing a half than the proportional cost of a half of a pint. It also notes that this practice is not illegal and instructs the National Executive to mount a national campaign against this practice which militates against both sampling and sensible drinking.
To help us embark on an effective campaign, we need plenty of evidence that this really is a widespread problem. We'd be very grateful therefore if you could let me know of current examples of this regrettable practice in the HOW Branch area. We're talking here about significant discrepancies – not just marking up by a few pence.
Please send the information to and include the following information:
Your name
Your CAMRA branch (Heart of Warwickshire)
Your email address
Name and address of the pub
Any detail on which beers cost more for a half pint than half the cost of a pint (please name brands if possible, including lager brands)
Is a price list displayed which clearly states the cost of a pint and half pint?
Price of a pint
Price of half a pint
Any further comments
Thanks for you help.
February 2015

Our current Pub of the Year is the Punch Bowl in Warwick. CAMRA Members: Please vote for your favourite pub before 10th Feb 2015 using the form below and email with your membership number to 

This year’s nominations are:

  • Cape of Good Hope, Warwick
  • Green Man, Long Itchington
  • Jug and Jester, Leamington.
  • Old Post Office, Warwick
  • Punch Bowl, Warwick
  • Wild Boar, Warwick
November 2014

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July 2014