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May 2013

The plans for the Red House were rejected by a majority vote of six to two. The planning committee were not convinced that there had not been enough effort to revive the premises as a public house.

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CAMRA have developed a Public House Viability Test to help campaigners build up a case against such developments.

April 2013

The village is holding its annual beer festival from May 3rd to May 6th.

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We are trying to oppose an application by a local building developer who wants to make the Red House into private residences and to build on the fine walled garden at the rear all of which is within a conservation area.

If you have had any involvement in the past with this pub and wish to prevent its loss we would like you to join us and let the council and indeed the local paper know. You do not have to be a CAMRA member to get involved.

A number of local residents are opposed to the plans and from CAMRA’s perspective we think that now the pub has been purchased free of tie it has the best possible chance of being turned into a profitable business while creating a valued community asset at the same time.

No attempt has been made to run the pub since the present owner acquired it so there is no proof that the pub is not viable. There should be 12 months records to show that it is not profitable and there has been no attempt to diversify. There has also been no involvement of the community to find out what they would like to see.

I encourage you to look up the application on the Warwick District Council website and read the letters of objection (including my lengthy one referring to all the relevant planning clauses) and also to the letters of objection from the locals.

Objections to the council need to refer to planning clauses – emotion does not have any affect – however emotional letters to the local papers can be more useful where public opinion can sway councillors who make the decisions.

Time is of the essence so if you would like to help please contact the Council by April 11th. The details of the application and the officer handling the case are below – Thank you in anticipation

John Crossling Branch Chairman Heart of Warwickshire CAMRA

Application W/13/0337 (click on the link to comment on the application via the Warwick Council website)

Change of use for The Red House 113, Radford Road, Leamington Spa CV31 1JZ

Case Officer Liam D’Onofrio email -